Unboxing Every iPhone XR with ASMR (Rainbow Colors)

I unbox every color of the new iPhone XR with ASMR and some triggers! This video lets you taste the rainbow by showing you every 2018 Apple iPhone XR in Blue, Yellow, Coral, RED, Black and White!

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iPhone XR:
IPhone XS Max:
IPhone XS:

The iPhone XR has an all-screen LCD 6.1-inch liquid retina display, with multi-touch technology and an IP67 water resistant…


  1. holy shit i i actually fell asleep with this asmr at 4am lmfaooooo. thanks boyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀

  2. I have a 6s y’all trying to give me money for a Xr? Lmao it’s literally ready to fall apart from the inside I’ve had it for a while lol ? sad boi hours I mean broke boi hours ??

  3. Please give me one of the iPhones Xr’s i have stil the iPhone 5s and he is comletly broken?i know that you don’t give them away but for me?why not?thanks for reading this! Greets from me?❤️

  4. Why would you make one of these videos, when you can't even properly mix your audio?? wtf

  5. I have a 6s it’s the first phone ever and it still works but I really need a new phone can I have a iPhone X R

  6. You should do a giveaway for the other XR that you unboxed.

    Ps I loved this video you should totally do an ASMR unboxing channel

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