Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – Home Remedies

Natural home remedies including unsweetened cranberry (karaunda) juice, apple cider vinegar and Indian gooseberry (amla) can be surely beneficial in treating Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).


  1. Uti my blood sugar level went up when I had UTI and the blood sugar levels has not went down since .

  2. I fantasized you through out the whole video,I ended up using fish sauce with with lemon.DAMN.

  3. im a male and im going to try this ? has it worked for anybody here

  4. ACV works well for my dog who was suffering for many years and was on antibiotic..she gets every now and then as she is prone to it.. but now I treat her naturally.i have stopped antibiotics

  5. Thanks for the helpful info. I have uti for over a year. Now, i'm on a herbal medication called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It works great. I'm going to try the baking soda, hope it can hasten the recovery.

  6. during UTI , their can be little bit blood at the end of pee. then also same remedies work.

  7. are u supposed to drink the vinegar on an empty stomach and is there something that i can add to natural cranberry juice to make it taste better i cant stand the taste of it since there is hardly no sugar

  8. That apple cider vinegar got me throwing up.. I just hope that helps. Thats the only thing I have in my kitchen.

  9. It's extremely painful, but I recommend you sit when peeing, if you're a guy.
    I'm not Doctor, but that does help.

  10. regarding drinking 3 to 4 glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice, how many times a day should I do this? PLEASE ANSWER?

  11. HI;
    Regarding the treatment of drinking 1 glass of water with 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, how many times a day do I do this? PLEASE ANSWER???

  12. 2 spoons of baking soda and a glass of water. Clears in about an hour.
    All of this other stuff is not needed, not nearly as fast, not as cheap or as effective. BOOM. (I never had one before but I did my research)

  13. That is the easiest advice. My friend, who is also a doctor, recommended to have raw garlic thrice a day that help to cure infection at urinary part.

  14. Good advice.  easy to procure ingredients and easy to make methods.  will definitely try them out and sure they will help  … one at a time.  thanks.  Asha Merchant

  15. This is good advice. I've also read that raw garlic is good for curing cystitis and urinary infections. In the article I read, a woman peeled and chopped up 3 cloves of garlic and drink this down with water. She did this 3 times a day for 3 days, and apparently it got rid of the infection completely. I'm going to try this.

    Garlic can also kill good bacteria in the gut as well as bad, so I'm going to take some probiotics afterwards.

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