Vivo Nex S Teardown – Battle of the Pop Up Cameras!

The Vivo Nex S and the Oppo Find X Both have motorized cameras. But does the size of the motor matter? Which motorized camera is more durrable? The Oppo Find X or the Vivo Nex S? The only way to find out is to teardown the Vivo Nex S and review the motors side by side with the Oppo Find X. The only place to see a teardown like this is right here on JerryRigEverything.

In this video we teardown the Vivo Nex S. I will disassemble the Nex S and show how each of the components come out of the…


  1. I am worried because it can effect my refurbushing business of screen.
    Also pls guide me how you think upcoming technology would effect my repair business.
    At the same time what should we do to keep ourselfs updates with latest takedown on repairs.

    Thanks in advance brother.

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