Launched in Mumbai India last April 5, the V3 and V3 Max smartphones from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo are the latest additions to the mid-range smartphone race. This is our hands-on review.

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  1. Been using my v3max for 2yrs now. Still working fine and still running fast.

  2. Vivo v3 max front camera is worst camera ever….but this phone is really fast and gd for any game….battery is really bad…rom 32 gb but 20gb is already filled up after using this phone 5month with update data …u can't delete it without factory reset…so plez don't buy it

  3. can u please help me Gadget Match? Vivo v3 or Azus Zenfone 3 Max? and also, does the Zenfone 3 max goes with a different battery range or just 4100mAh alone? and anyone who can also help me decide.. pls. i really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. hi sir im a big fan of urs .. can i ask w/c is better .. zenfone 3 laser or v3 max .. tnx sir mj

  5. I'm stuck between the vivo V3 and the zenfone 3 max. What do you guys think? I'm leaning towards the V3 but I'm concerned about the battery life.

  6. Hey! Can you please let me know which one is better between Vivo V3 / Redmi note 3.. Both have 3Gb Ram and 32Gb Rom but I am confused between the durability,performance and after sales service. Keeping these 3 points in mind, please me know which is better amongst the above.. 🙂

  7. u can put micro SD card in the bank sum tray?

  8. sir can i ask a question? if you would choose to buy i phone, what would you rather choose between sony xperia xa and vivo v3? thank your for answering and a very good review 🙂

  9. Hey.. ßro.. In vivo v3 or vivo v3 max not a hybrid shot … You r wrong. please change your statement. This phone support both Sim and SD card

  10. Can you please do a Full Review of the Vivo v3 and V3 max, because you're a really good reviewer and nice Editing skills

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