Vivo V5 Vs OPPO F1S Camera Comparison – You Decide What’s Better

Note: If you like these kind of videos, we might Compare every Phone’s Camera with another one without any Audio. Just actual footage that gives you an idea on how good that Camera is. Let us know in the Comments Section

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  1. hi bro my self Kumar my 📱 is vivo y51L u r saying that vivo is China made. but in my 📱 I can see that it made in India. what is made in India body r some parts of it pls tell me. my 📱 8790408746.or what's up me thank u.

  2. vivo cam is fertilized…vivo copy from oppo….and try to compare vivo 5 plus to oppo 5 to f1s sucks

  3. oppo all the way! even though vivo has a "20 mp" front camera, i say that oppo still has a better one because of the good lighting and quality and that vivo, obviously copied.

  4. You guys should know that both of this brand are owned by one management. But clearly, if it's about the camera specs then vivo is the best if you're into photography and cheaper than f1s.

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