Vivo V9 vs OPPO F5 Comparison – Is it all about the notch design? – Gizmo Times

The Vivo V9 and OPPO F5 are quite tough contenders until OPPO comes up with the OPPO F7 in a few days. Until then, we have the comparison of these two phones for you to understand which phone is a better one.

This is a basic specs comparison of the Vivo V9 and OPPO F5, and you will soon be able to check out the Vivo V9 vs OPPO F7 comparison on our channel, on March 26th. Stay tuned for that video.




  1. #GizmoArmy
    Vivo V9 is better than Oppo F5 in every single aspect but waiting for Oppo F7 launch which is successor of Oppo F5 that's will be tough competition to Vivo V9.

    Apart as usual Nice Comparison Chetan Sir. Like it!

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