Vivo X21 camera review, Shot on Vivo X21: The Vivo X21 comes with a 12 MP F/1.8 primary with 5 MP sensor camera and a 12 MP f/2.0 secondary camera. It’s capable of shooting upto 4K 30 FPS on both the primary as well as the secondary cameras. Watch on as we showcase the camera capabilities of this smartphone in this Shot on Vivo X21 video montage and you can also take a closer look at all of the camera samples!

Vivo X21 review:

Vivo X21 hindi…


  1. Bro give a voiceover whenever u r giving camera review. It will help viewers in understanding what u wanna tell by those camera samples. Also we can connect easily and won't get confused whether the pics r gud or not.

  2. Use 18:9 aspect ratio in the cinematic sequence of your videos. The black bars makes the video look cinematic

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