VIVO XL3 Plus First Look

Here are the highlighted features of the VIVO XL3 PLUS:

Curved 6.0-inch HD+ 18:9 Widescreen Display

13MP Camera + 16MP Selfie Camera with LED Flash

3GB+32GB of RAM

Fingerprint Scanner

3,000 mAh Battery

Android Nougat

Get it now during the VIVO XL3 PLUS launch deal of $129.99 on while supplies last.


  1. My wife and I have the same phone but we do not receive voicemail mail notification.
    Does anyone else have this problem? And if so how do you fix it?

  2. Saw it at Bestbuy for $189, and it looked nice, but I'm a Lg guy so I got the v20 for $160 on eBay, and I don't feel Blu….lol

  3. I love this phone but will we ever get Android Oreo or even P when it comes out.

  4. I've had the Blu Pure XL for a while and I absolutely love this phone but it's not charging…which Blu phone compares to this one???

  5. I was a fan of this brand for quite sometime, I've had 4 blus and it's the same old story, they offer decent specs for the price, good resolution screens, for some reason micro usb that will only last a few months until the device starts lagging no matter what you do.

  6. Ahhh.. I used to have a blu A6 before. And I really want to have a phone like this one. Hahaha.. Can you just raffle it for us fans of Blu..or can you just give it away?😁😁😁

  7. Does this phone have the wifi calling capability? This is a feature I use a lot with T-Mobile.

  8. just ordered mine! ⚡️ will this phone get the oreo update? Big fan of blu this'll be my 3rd blu phone.

  9. Got mine 140$ USD so awesome got it for my mom as a mother's day gift thanks BLU really good

  10. I am honestly confused, there is a new phone of Blu released called the Vivo V9 but apparently it doesn't exist in the United States and it only exists in India and China.

  11. Blu you know what would sell you more smartphones, putting some emphasis on the loudspeaker. They dont need to sound amazing or anything (tiny speakers can only sound so good) just make them LOUD, so many manufacturers miss this one and almost no one does it right.

  12. I can't find it on Amazon for that price can u tell me how to find it for that price

  13. Hello… I went to Amazon and now the price is 139.00… is there any promo code I can use to buy it again for 129.00 ??

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