Vivo Y71 News | Can You Move Apps Phone Storage to SD Card | #14

Vivo Y71 News | How to Transfer Apps Device Phone Memory to SD Card in Vivo Y71 etc Is that possible??

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  1. Abe Bahen ke laude tu NE to image main possible bataya tha chutiye laude chadu teri maan Ki chut saale

  2. Y71 me Songs videos…direct sd card pe keise download kare ye batao bhai… ???

  3. can you tell me……did i got scammed? because i bought vivo y71 and it has a total of 16gb and my problem is it can only handle one game and that game is mobile legends and it says my storage is full already……

  4. But how? I don't understand what you're saying. I've downloaded the Files Go app. And it says it couldn't move. So how? ? Pls help me. Can someone tell me in English. I would appreciate a lot. Thankss

  5. i have (3+16) mobile setting showing 16 gb internal es file showing only 8 GB total memory and i have only system application and Whatsapp only no other single app how is this even possible that it hides 8 gb and not even possible that system/os using 8 gb cause system can't use that much space. do you have anything to say

  6. dont buy this phone,very unuser friendly ,why cant move apps build in and cant syn contact to gmail,Hi ,CAN TEACH ME HOW TO IMPORT CONTACTS TO GMAIL?

  7. People by any "android one" device the time you put your sd card in your phone there is a option show up as you can use sd card as internal storage

    android one = heven

  8. Bhai vivo y71i 16 gb ka dikha tha hain lekin 4gb ka kam karta hain kyu bhai

  9. Thx bro… Finally found a goodway to transfer internal apps to sd card

  10. 1 ही नही बल्कि 101 फाल्ट है इसमें

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