An early look at the newest Apple Watch, the AirPower setbacks and what the reviews are saying about the iPhone XS.

Read the CNET article here: The Apple Watch Series 4 takes heart monitoring to next level –

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  1. Hi I just got the Series 4 with LTE and I can verify the speaker, and sound is much better than previous models. I drive a semi truck and there’s a lot of ambient noise when I’m driving. I once had a Series 2 but found the speaker sound so poor I sold it. I used the Series 4 while driving making phone calls, and the other party said I sounded crystal clear and they didn’t hear any ambient noise. I could also hear them clearly over the engine and road noise that I thought would drown the other party out. It’s not as loud as the iPhone speaker, but still loud enough that you don’t need to wear a Bluetooth earpiece.

  2. Just another consumer keep buying stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have hope this comment gives you a dopamine hit

  3. Regarding the Watch try out the new speaker to see 1- If it’s easier to hear someone on a call if you’re in place with a lot of ambient noise. 2- Someone on twitter said they had the Beta OS5 on a Series 2, and it could play songs over the speaker like the Galaxy/Gear Watches can. Curious if that’s true??

  4. Are the improved sensors on the new watch worth the upgrade from series 3?

  5. How did Apple get FDA approval for the ekg feature if it wasn't ready at launch? Kinda suspicious

  6. iphone 6s Plus is much faster with new IOS12! camera opens super fast and feels snappy again!!

  7. I have a gen 1 I watch. A Fitbit Versa and just ordered the new galaxy watch in rose gold. What’s the verdict on all devices in comparison? I like the Fitbit app the best. Plus aria scale. Should I try the new Apple Watch and when’s a new jawbone coming out??

  8. Apple, how about a non cellular stainless steel version of the Apple Watch for those of us that love the stainless steel but do not want or need LTE.

  9. Can you compare Apple Watch series 3 vs series 4 when doing exercises? Do they show exactly the same or is one more accurate than the other?

  10. Vanessa, you did miss spelling “Iphone Xs max” on purpose… 😂😂

  11. iPhone XR, R for reach? Since Apple wants to REACH more people with the iPhone?

  12. FACT CHECK: Apple released iOS12 this week, but Apple did NOT release it alongside the macOS Mojave. Apple says that macOS Mojave will only be released on 24 September—next week!

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