What Earbuds to Buy | Best Earbuds? | EarPods vs OnePlus Bullets V2 vs Jaybird X2

The best earbuds? What eartips? What price? What design? Find out how to pick the best earbuds for you. I compare the Apple EarPods, OnePlus Bullets V2, and Jaybird X2s kind of together.

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  1. Go n buy what you like….. That's your verdict?
    Get out of you tube!
    The best headset is determined by the best audio quality at the given price range.i don't care for comfort fit for a crappy sounding one. It is the balance of all. Go find one like that or just quit you tubing.

  2. The Oneplus bullets do have different sizes on the in-ear in the included box. What are you talking about when you're saying "no box"?

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