What the Apple Watch Series 3 Can and Can’t Do On LTE Cellular

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Apple Watch Series 3 brings built-in cellular, powerful new health and fitness enhancements

Cupertino, California — Apple today introduced Apple Watch Series 3, adding built-in cellular to the world’s number one watch. Whether users are out for a run, at the pool or just trying to be more active throughout their day, Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular allows them to stay connected, make calls, receive texts and more, even without iPhone…


  1. Mines says No SIM all of a sudden had it for about 9months Tried to take it to the Apple store and the told me I have to pay $259 to fix the error

  2. I just brought my watch through T-Mobile Saturday…..exact same issues!!!!! Smh. I’m taking this back….

  3. Your kinda over reacting a little I really don't expect alot from my smart watches time and notifications that's it I never leave my cell phone sooooo all this is a lot man.

  4. Hopefully this guy finally figured out that he is clueless. He was so wrong on almost everything he said

  5. There was never a point in buying the Apple Watch with LTE, you are paying for something Apple Watch users already have for free, be serious who goes anywhere without their cellphone, some idiots trying to justify paying that extra $15.00 a month will say what if I go jogging, I don’t want to take my cellphone, well 80% of the people saying that never jogged a day in their life and even if they did, what ever phone call you did get can wait until you get back.
    Apple Watch 3 with LTE is a definite waste of money, return it and get the non LTE version.

  6. Really stupid review. I don’t have this watch, but anybody knows more about this watch than him.
    1) who gets to return a used watch to Apple and get their money back?
    2). I don’t think this is an LTE watch. Notice this guy never shows the red crown the whole video. This is why we see no bars when his phone is off and he can’t send a text. Or maybe he didn’t pay for a cell connection for the watch.
    3). Could the band be any uglier?

    Please delete this video.

  7. The Apple Watch works JUST FINE even if your iPhone is dead/Off or 50 miles away in the bottom of a closet. You can make phone calls, send messages, get reminders from your calendar about appointments, and make new entries in your calendar. I get my weather notification, Twitter notifications, and anything else I have set up to notify me in the Apple app on my iPhone…..even if the iPhone battery is dead as a door nail or turned off! My iPhone does not have to be on for me to play my Music MILES away from my iPhone. The limitations is NOT with the Apple Watch, but it seems to be in the limitations of the Apple Watch operator.

  8. Christopher Olsen OK, I just turned my iPhone OFF, made sure that my Apple Watch WiFi was OFF, and sent a message from my Apple Watch to my nephews work phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the message was sent, and he received the message without problem. Maybe its your carrier’s restrictions that is your problem.

  9. I don’t get this .when my phone is off I can take and receive calls and send texts

  10. Epic fail on this review . I just got my Apple Watch 3 ( cellular ) Feb 22, 2018. I have mastered it already . I also have At&T and have no issues . Read your manual sir or purchase the Apple care . You should of done a better job reviewing this before you released this garbage to the world . Btw I went 2 days without my phone ( phone was at home ) Had Zero issues .

  11. I just got my series 3 watch (GPS) and my text messages work when My iPhone 8 plus is near me.

  12. Looks like LTE isn't even connected for most of the examples he's given. That red x on the home screen means NO LTE connection. This fucking idiot probably had his watch in airplane mode while making a video about no connection.

  13. Okay im confuse , of course u will never cant send messages cuz you aren’t connect , I’ve been watching to many videos and this guys are very good to show step by step, you make it so difficult to learn and its not .. I suggested to watch another videos and learn from them.

  14. …. I thought it doesn’t work if your phone is OFF … I’m confused are you out of range of your phone or is the phone actually off …. okay I read the comments … you should really RESEARCH before just posting a video and 2 at least address the ppl in the comments that are correcting you … I literally almost changed my mind on this purchase because of this video smh get it together dude

  15. Lol… I just bought one and I know my phone better than you sir. This review should be deleted.

  16. iMessages works for you? They don’t for me. T-Mobile blames Apple and of course Apple blames T-Mobile. I can make calls but no iMessages

  17. Did you end up taking your watch back and just getting the GPS only model? When I found out a couple of weeks ago in fact that you could not perform probably the single most important function on the cellular Apple Watch which is to send a regular text message I was like wow Apple just created their biggest ever diversion yet to get people to purchase their cellular version that clearly is not 100 percent cellular. We all use our cellular connection to most often text more than any other thing we do with our cellular devices and Apple totally advertises this LTE model Apple Watch like it would in fact take the place of your phone when in times that you need it to but yet that’s 100 percent not true by just text message alone. Also I read that you must at all times have your iphone turned on like you have shown if you want full cellular function from your watch. So what happens if your battery dies on your phone and you didn’t realize it. You’re simply out of luck. I had badly wanted the cellular model but I could not get it because my carrier was not supported. I’m so glad now that I had no choice but to get the GPS model only as the Cellular version of apples Watch is not at all a true cellular device.

  18. My Apple Watch sends messages just fine without my iPhone with me. My son-in-law is the only one in my entire family that has an Android device, and he got the message sent from my watch. Before you make a video, please LEARN how the phone works. I get email, weather alerts, calendar, etc on my Apple Watch with my iPhone 15 miles away. Why would anyone use gmail calendar anyway?

  19. I bought this for my wife for Xmas and learned the same things after trying to set it up for one a half days confirmed by Apple. What a POS

  20. Something is wrong if your messages don’t send mine works fine with my phone off or airplane mode doesn’t matter the whole point of the cellular service is to send messages without the phone whether it’s on off or in another country

  21. Seriously, this is only a rant. For God sakes, the damn watch isn’t a mini phone, it can’t work by its-fucking-self

  22. This video is just horrible your watch isn’t supposed to replace your iPhone if it does then what’s the point of your $1000 iPhone X or $800 iPhone 8

  23. wow this sucks as a stand alone "smartwatch" 🙁 The other people commenting about thumbs down are stupid cuz they don't read the title….. this is about using the watc as a STAND ALONE smartwatch without the iPhone!……. I give this video a solid two thumbs up! Saved me $400 bucks.

  24. Lte is what your phone uses, the watch by itself uses it. Horrible review with a lot of wrong info.

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