White iPhone XR Unboxing & First Impressions!

A quick unboxing of Apple’s New iPhone XR in Silver White and my first impressions of the XR’s size and LCD Display. The iPhone XR has wireless charging, water resistance, a new camera, large screen, and a bunch of new iPhone color options!

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Clear Case Used in Video:

Red iPhone XR:


  1. Coral all the way. I just got it and omg, it looks like an art piece.
    Also you’d be REALLY hard pressed to see the difference in display imo. I have both the Xs and the Xr right now.
    The railing on the Xr is very nice too.

  2. Could you tell me the brand of the clear case with the frosted bottom part? Thanks in advance

  3. White back, silver sides and than black bezzels? looks like shit. bezzels would have to be white too!

  4. Wait to clarify, you’re saying for some reason, the sides of this white xr feels different than the black xr? So u like the white more than the black? Cna u explain more about the feeling? What it feels better about it?

  5. Wow I wanted a white XR too bad my local T-mobile didn’t have white only so I got black ;-;

  6. Can you compare this white with the iPhone 8 silver please?

  7. Yo I got mine coming today at noon and I ordered the white one and my sister ordered the coral color and yeah 🙂 I’m pretty excited and it’s reasonable price for X 🙂

  8. im getting this in november when my contract expires, and im super impatient so here i am lol

  9. I love that clear zero case that you have. Please send me a link to that case, in your description you put a link to a bunch of cases. I really like yours. PLEASE SEND ME A LINK :(.

  10. OMG can't wait to get it I'm getting it this month

  11. I love the coloured ones but I’d probs get sick of them after a while so black and white options the safe way to go

  12. 5:34
    Why is there a little cut-off part of content on the right edge of the screen? Is it supposed to be this way?

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