Why does the Redmi 6 Pro matter? It’s another 625 device from Xiaomi right? Well let’s find out today.
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3/32 – Rs.10999
4/64 – Rs.12999

The Redmi 6 Pro has a 5.84 inch IPS LCD Display with a notch. The resolution is 2280 by 1080, more commonly known as Full HD Plus.

Inside we have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 powering the Redmi 6 pro with 3/32, 4/32 and 4/64GB…


  1. Is there any way Xiaomi might update Indian variant of the phone to shoot 60fps videos?

  2. Isn't Zenfone Max Pro M1 a better buy? Plz comment Ash…. And I think this phone lacks dual 4G volte, which is very essential these days I guess…

  3. Wanna buy compact phone… Which one to buy 6pro/6.1plus/9n???
    Please recommend if any other phone …

  4. Unboxing is a waste of time of there is nothing extraordinary in the box.

  5. If Xiaomi makes phone with age old SD625 then it's good. But if Nokia uses that chip then what you guys say?….End of Nokia…. No future of Nokia…and many more.

  6. Despite being a regular viewer, I did find your video in the search results when I searched YouTube for redmi 6 review. I searched for your channel and scrolled through your videos to find it. I thought you might wanna know and do whatever it takes to make it show up

  7. 625 sd is best one. Why do you worry about the repeating the same. I am unable to understand. We are fixed with intel dual core in computer still now.i5 are rare.

  8. Which is better?? Asus Zenfone max pro or Xioami redmi 6 pro since they're both at the same price to compare

  9. Bail icon nahi bell icon. Bail aur gai ka naam matlo. Warna lynching hogi. 😝

  10. We can get this device in 9k in offline market….by bargaining…😂

  11. The way you show the features of the phone is just awesome in one word. All over is a good packed features all around.

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