Will Elon’s Flamethrower Melt the iPhone XR?

Before you call me crazy, this is an extreme durability test between Apple’s iPhone XR vs XS Max. I wanted to compare aluminum on the blue XR vs steel on the gold in a full science comparison… you won’t believe what happens…

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iPhone XR:
IPhone XS Max:
IPhone XS:
Not a Flamethrower:

I unbox Elon Musk’s warm machine, it…


  1. probably no one is gonna read this but how is he even allowed to buy a flamethrower without any license or any paperwork
    I guess that's just America and their broken weapon rules

  2. Please, I am so confused on how you do this, I mean I love you techsmarrt but I couldn’t afford to do this even if I were a brain surgeon ?

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