Will the Apple Watch Battery Last All Day?

In this video I take you with me through my day to see how long the Apple Watch battery life is!



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  1. Don't get the complaints either. I'm doing four days on battery on my apple watch 3 GPS.

  2. According to that my xiaomi Amazfit watch battery dose amazing performance…its last 7 days in one single charge..

  3. why do people complain about the battery so much? i wake up at around 8-9 and go to bed around 10 and i have like 40% left and idk what the gripe is about charging it every night like you charge your phone every night so it's no big deal to me

  4. Hey Matt, I'm still in school and I'd like to know if you think I should get the Apple Watch for Christmas? I find it cool and useful. What do you think? 🙂

  5. My Apple Watch Sport doesn't seem to last that long I put it on at 7 it's about to be 12 and it's already at 50% without me even using it

  6. Most days anymore since WatchOS 2 released I've gotten minimally 2 days out of it no problem. At 2.0 I had to put it on Power Reserve overnight to get full two days. Anymore though I don't have to do that even. I can use it through a day be at 60% to 80% then go through another full day no problem.

  7. 4:14 – short phone call, damn man I do have over 30 phone calls at that time, I use Siri to make a call (which eats battery either), so I guess after 3 hours I should use a charger. That makes the watch pointless for me.

  8. The way you do apply pay on your watch is weird, usually people flip arm instead on twist.

  9. It was a pretty cool video man! Thanks for helping me. 'm gonna buy an Apple Watch next month!

  10. thanks of this video man, but is it ok to charge it all night when u go to sleep till next morning? does it effect battery performance?

  11. Love the Neistat inspiration / influence on the camera work and editing style. Keep this up.

  12. I had about 30% usage from 8-5..quite good..d activity app did use more bat with notification turn on..

  13. No ones able to answer me if theres an option to turn off the motion (moving wrist to turn on screen) I just find it least distracting and easier to just turn on the watch by the button whenever i want to know the time.

  14. Finally! A comments section with no brand wars! Nice video by the way! I know it may be a bit redundant to say but still, nice job!

  15. This was exactly what I was looking for. Deff buying one now that my concern about the battery life's at ease. +1 for all the work you put into this video. Thanks man!

  16. This was a VERY GREAT video! Do more of these VLOG-Style videos! 🙂 Greetings from Germany!

  17. When I use my Apple Watch 42mm I have about 60% battery left at the end of my day!

  18. Would you say the 38 is to small i ordered a 38 and I'm scared its to small

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