Xiaomi Mi5S Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Speed Test (Snapdragon 821 Vs Exynos 8890) Was recorded in one shot, later edited to speed up benchmarks results. Mi 5S Global ROM version $243.99 with coupon code Mi54GD here:
Results: While both are top chipsets at the time of the video, the S7 has the win in real life use. Could be due to better optimization, MIUI being too heavy or having 1GB less? But it was still only running 1080p Vs the…


  1. what the fell is the thick black zone on the display of mi5s.

  2. mi5s will improve its rating if you turn on FLIGHT mode like you did on samsung. . thumbs down

  3. because on the video,the mi5s still using miui8..now mi5s alredy use miui9 on beta global rom..faster than light..its very super fast on miui9..

  4. kkkkkkkk
    Comparar um o s7 com o modelo de 3GB de ram do MI5S , saiba que existe a versão de 4GB, olha a falta de ram no aparelho por isso a miui ta lenta, eu tenho um xiaomi Mi4 com snap 801 e miui 8.2 e é tão rápido quanto o s7, até mais rápido.
    Esse mi 5s ta com algum problema com o uso de ram.

  5. if you have some money buy S7 but if you dont have much, take mi5 its so simple dude,
    more than tat consider as prestige, that irritation of human

  6. the xiaomi have better screen – maybe with no PWM. galaxy s7 has some annoying screen flickering. I'll not buy phone with so aggressive screen flickering. Maybe all galaxy s7 users have eyes strain after 1-2 hours on watching the phone.

  7. Fast forward 3 months, the mi 5s does 155k in antutu, I never thought software updates could make that much difference

  8. This comparison, with probably the exception of the games /real-world, seem so ad-hoc and situational, that I can't take it as useful. Sorry.

  9. Both phones are great, don't compare the smallest detail, we are talking about 1 to 2 seconds difference and sometimes tens of second.

  10. does galaxy 7s come wiht  under-glass ultrasonic fingerprint? a 22 megapixel f. 1.7? sony sensor

  11. why don't you try killing the background running apps before running the test?
    there's no way to tell how many background running apps are on the xiaomi mi5s & the Galaxy S7.

  12. totally NUTS to run Antutu with WARM SYSTEMS. My Mi5S did 151.000 in Antutu 6.26. This Review is really bad, you should Test Pizzas dude.

  13. I'd recommend anyone who's buying a new phone and you can't decide between a few flagships. If you want an android just get the Galaxy S7. In the past I've been the guy buying those other flagships from Huawei HTC Sony Xiaomi (haven't tried LG, but I don't personally like their design). Each of them had something bad that irritated me a lot. This time I said to myself. I'll just get the goddamn Samsung flagship this time. And I am so not regretting it. Everything is perfect about it, performance, camera, design, screen. Galaxy has much less cons and many more pros than any other flagship out there. So if you wanna save yourself all the trouble just get the S7. I can guarantee you won't regret it.

  14. Your test is awesome. But one thing you should know is that MIUI is specially designed for Chinese market. In China, people can use MIUI to take a bus or subway without opening the screen and there are many useful functions in MIUI but foreigners don't know how to use it.

  15. Most games use only 1 or 2 cores, besides the Exynos has 4 power and 4 slow battery saving cores. So no 8 cores doesnt mean any advantage compared to the Snapdragon 4 cores.

  16. That black bezel looks like a cheap phone, why does mi screen kinda so warm.

  17. y not using the 4gb ram variant for mi5s to compare as more fair run instead of 3gb ram vs 4gb ram

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