Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Xiaomi MI 6 comparison, benchmarks and quick speed test. The Mi 6 is $385 with coupon XMi4GF here

Battery life of both looks about the same, 6-7 hours of SOT. But I need to cycle the Mi 6 battery a few more times. Neither mobile is perfect, but the Mi 6 ROM is quite unstable at the time of this video. And sometimes I see UI lag on the S8. The screen also suffers from that red tint issue.



  1. Damn your internet is fast?!?? Where the flip do you live?? Mine is like 47 download

  2. Had the mi6 since around release, would say its much more stable these days. Love the phone.

  3. Is he crazy!! He’s comparing a budget phone with high end rich guy phone (I do myself have a mi 6)

  4. Just updated miui9/Android8 on my mi6. Everything works fine and optimized.

  5. Smartphones with 1440p screens are pointless, there is no difference between 1080p and affects performance in gaming badly

  6. Technically the mi 6 costs 2,6 times less and it is not 2,6 times as bad so that makes it better than the Samsung

  7. The red tint on the S8 has been finxed (with an update) since last May. Also there is a color temprature setting in the screen settings allowing you to make the screen as warm (red) or cold (blue) you want.

  8. I got a Redmi 4x (3gb version) for £100 on ebay. Its amazing and has a headphone socket, is really smooth, and has same screen size as the Mi6, but in a more compact unit, and has a massive 4100mah battery
    The redmi 4x is the most 'wow' phone i have experienced since the Galaxy Note 2
    Amazing for £100

  9. Are you based in Europe because you were mentioning euros as a currency in the video, where you also have a Newzealand accent?!?!

  10. How did you get your Xiaomi mi 6 aututu score so high (180,000+), other reviews show the phone barely gaining 170,000 points and some even below 150,000 points!??

  11. If Xiaomi want to join the big boys,they need IP68 with their phones and also a better camera.

  12. the only problem i see is that it does not have a conventional usb cable for power. like my older Alcatel idol3 had

  13. Is your xiaomi 6 is Chinese ROM? If it is how do you install and use Google playstore? Any tutorial video? Thanks

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  15. samsung phones are overrated, your basically paying 3x the price for comparative standard.

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