Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air + Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD

The Mi Notebook Air’s (Both models) have free PCIe slots that should operate at x4. I test out a Samsung 950 Pro in mine to see if it works. New version is out, $489 with coupon NEWMIAIR12 with a faster Core M3-7Y30 here

More on the Mi Notebook Air 12.5″:

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  1. Ordered an nvme today delivery is 25 days. Is the system more snapper with it fitted as the boot drive or does with just boot a millisecond faster? I.E. is this worth the hassle if not increasing the Gb size?

    I can sell the slower Xiaomi SSD on fleeBay for same price as newer NVME SSD because it only cost £33 from AliExpress.

  2. i just want to know. you use samsung 950 pro as boot drive, right?
    if you enter bios, you use legacy or UEFI bios inside your bios settings?
    and did you experieced some delay (black screen, but the power led is still on) when turn on or turn off your mi air?

  3. if you only add another SSD (i.e. leave the default one + new one), should it be PCIe or SATA III to run at full capacity?

  4. You should make a video with 2 different SO on those 2 ssd and boot each one separately.
    Have the doubt if it works well.
    Thanks again

  5. You can use easeus todo backup to clone the disk, and then set the second one as your boot drive in bios, then format original.

  6. 950 pro 256gb that's exactly the same one in my desktop as well 🙂

  7. I recommend the Samsung 961 NVME, faster and cheaper then the 950 Pro, I have one here, just waiting for my Mi Notebook Air.

  8. This answers the questions I've had since the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air was release so thanks :). Have you tried setting up raid?

  9. yessss i am very happy to hear that thanks a lot! 🙂

  10. I once opened a laptop but I didn't disconnect the battery, I lowered the screwdriver because the screw was pretty deep, then accidentally the screwdriver touched 2 different solder thing at the same time, then… sparks comes out a little but the laptop turned out to be ok
    Lesson Learned 🙂

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