If you were wondering what’s the difference between the Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi 4, we are here to tell you the difference and tell you which is the right smartphone for you.

Redmi Note 4 –
Redmi 4 –
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  1. confused!

    want to hv a high end processor for a smooth experience specially while switching from one app to another ,
    as I wud have so many apps installed but no game.

    can I go for redmi 4 as I like it's looks, gaming is NOT my priority but want no hanging at all.

  2. Redmi 4 has less weight and more convenient to keep in pocket, because i find it a tad inconvenient that the note-4 phone hinders my movements while in my jeans pocket while i try to drive or bend down and such, but Redmi 4 note has a bigger screen. For a regular user who uses phone for mainly messaging apps and calls redmi 4 is enough. But if you want big screen go for note 4. And another thing is that when they say you get 32gb rom you will be getting about 25gb only because i think they calculate the ROM without the OS and system applications, so please not that. There was a diwali and flipkart offer for redmi note 4 4GB/64GB , go for that blindly if its still there. (owner of redminote-4-3gb/32gb)

  3. I don't think so I think that Redmi 4 is better than Redmi note 4 plzz see once again the picture quality I think that Redmi 4 picture quality is best than Redmi note 4

  4. Battery life is better in redmi 4 stupid I had experimented it redmi note 4 is switched off before redmi 4 with a difference of 1 hour

  5. REDMI Note 4 has Full HD screen and better processor, because of which i bought Redmi note 4. Any question is welcome

  6. In real I used Redmi 4 & Redmi note4 – and Redmi 4's battery is better than note4, forget that theoretical concept of 14nm, 28nm concept, bullshit!

  7. I using redmi Note 4 and redmi 4 but redmi 4 camera is better than redmi Note 4 camera in
    battery redmi 4 is better than redmi Note 4

  8. Before Watching The Video – Confused b/w Redmi 4 & note 4
    After Watching The Video – Very Confused…..

  9. In case you are in a hurry,
    I am here to give a quick help.
    Redmi note 4: 1080p, 4100 mAh battery (more means better), Snapdragon 625 processor, 3 gb ram and 32gb rom, 5.5 inch display
    Redmi 4 : 720p, 4100 mAh battery, Snapdragon 435 processor, clearly 625 is better, 3 gb ram 32 gb rom 5 inch display, If you are gonna use your phone for office uses like calling video calling etc, buy redmi 4, if you are into heavy usage like gaming etc, go for redmi note 4, i hope this helps. i am going for the note 4

  10. hello bro how are you
    bro I want.know Watch One is better
    redmi Not 4 or redmi 4 plz tell
    thnx you

  11. i just bought REDMI 4 3GB 32GB.. when i opened the front camera there were shadows like blurs at the bottom of the edges ?? why is it appears ??
    and the other one is at the bottom there are two sides of speakers but only one side the sound came and the other side not ?? why ?? help me………….

  12. battery life better in note 4..! how?
    sorry if am wrong but…
    1. redmi 4 has only a 435 chip which use less battery than a bigger 625 chip in note 4
    2. bigger display means more pixels to burn and higher consumption
    3. both runs on 14nm tech
    so battery efficiency would be better in redmi 4..

    hope this helps

  13. hey lenovo 510
    is not best laptop in this price segment it has poor 3h battry backup and cheap bulild quality plz suggest me another

  14. Can you please let me know what are the SAR values of Xiaomi Redmi 4 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phones (US, EUR Standards) ?? Any values written in its user manual??

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