We Review the new Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro in India
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  1. Yeah …. I got this device it's working fine. 3gb ram and 32gb internal is my variant. Pubg is good in this device. It's working fine I'm using it for a week. The battery is awesome. And camera at rear is same which is presented in the Remi Note 5 pro, the camera of 6 pro is excellent as expected.

  2. Brilliant Review. I like how they cover the aspects like wifi bandwidth which no one else consider. Video quality, review and flow was really great. Fav channel.

  3. They got so many 625 chipset after mi exchange of redmi note 4 .when they launched redmi note 5 ..so they scraped old proccesor amd ram out of it and sellimg with recyled body and again selling with as new models ..

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