Camera comparison between the Xiaomi Redmi 6 PRO aka Mi A2 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
Find the Redmi 6 Pro at Banggood: or Aliexpress:

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In this video I put the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro side by side with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for a camera comparison!
Throughout this video you can check out lots of daytime and night time pictures and sample…


  1. Does snapdragon 625 is still worth to use?? I am mostly just using social media, sometime I play some games but not a heavy games

  2. Hi Alex!
    Can you give to me some suggestions for a gaming phone with a decent battery and minimum 4GB ram and 64 GB memory. I don't have preferences about the camera, sound volume, materials for the design, screen size, or any sensors.. Face ID/finger print etc..
    For battery 5000mAh minimum would be great… My budget is 200$ or should I wait till the end of 2018 for new phones? Thanks in advance.

  3. Even the "underdog" Redmi 6 Pro can compete with Samsung S9+ in daylight and portrait shots. Probably using Mi 6X/A2 would be a closer fight with overpriced S9+ for low light shots…

    Well, your daughter looks so cute and charming in your sample photos.

    Anyway, more power and greetings from Philippines… 🇵🇭

  4. Honestly, if I was Samsung, I'd be ashamed. I'm not saying Samsung is bad, but it is DEFINITELY overpriced. But it works for them.

  5. redmi 6 pro vs mi a 2 lite comparison… miui vs android one
    battery, camera, software and sound quality…….please😉

  6. Oh hello, it's great to see this channel. I love the way you talk english with your accent 🙂

  7. besides night shots, I prefer 6pro. Better colors than s9+. just my opinion tho~ thanks for the comparison! wishing you more subs 👋

  8. The Redmi is definitely darker overall.. it must be that its sensor can't pick up as wide a range of color.. with the exception of dusk or nighttime the redmi is acceptable for the price

  9. Muy buena comparación, creo que el mejor valor por el precio lo da el Xiaomi, pero definitivamente las mejores fotos son del Samsung.
    El me gusta marcado como siempre

  10. Wow man, apart from the night shots, the Redmi 6 does really well!

  11. I actually prefer the Redmi 6 Pro camera in most situations. The colors look better.

  12. Great video as usual, my friend.
    I learned you are a bit under the weather. Hope you get well in no time.

  13. Stopped watching at : edge detection is the same ….. and then the girl’s hair missing or blurred on the xiaomi. Not cool man, losing credentials in this way.

  14. WOW, I didn't know that the Redmi 6 Pro was so good on lighted area's.
    Video wise, could be more. Still like the Redmi though… 😎

  15. well I would say Alex that the galaxy s9t would take the winning there it is really great.

  16. As usual, Xiaomi has more aggressive noise reduction which results in softer images.
    The Redmi Note 5 Pro would probably be a more fair comparison to the S9+.

  17. Good comparison, thank you. Could you please take some night pictures with HTT and HDR ON. Just to see if it works better than auto. Thank you so much from MTL 🙂

  18. Very very impressive for a budget phone to be this good in daylight. Meanwhile I'm still with my LePro 3 AI with unoptimized camera

  19. overexposing tends to be the behavior of samsung phones while low light is the biggest issue of xiaomi phones. The variable aperture of the S9 really helps it in low light which any other phone is capable of doing right now

  20. Alex you are very intelligent and smart. Then what is the difference between the greatest scientist of Canada or USA and you?

  21. The Redmi 6 Pro Is Keeping Up To The S9+ For Its Price Truly Awesome

  22. I Am Looking For A New Phone Around $600-$650 Should I Get An S8 OP6 Or Wait For The 6T?

  23. Good comparison. I was actually surprised just how good the Redmi did with some daylight images.

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