Best Buy link for the Redmi note 3 :
Best Buy link for the LeTv 1S :

Checkout all the different aspects based on which I have compared these 2 mobile phones after using them for a good 3 weeks, it will surely help you in making a decision.Do watch till the end to find out which mobile wins.

Some other Mobiles I will recommend in the same price range :
1.Lenovo K4 note :
2.Moto G turbo :


  1. hello prasad..can u plzz tell me..where I can get redmi service centre.. bez I have redmi 3…but now after using 3 months..screen broken… so now I want to repair it..plzz help me

  2. Redmi Note 3 doesn't have upgraded the android since it had launched in India…

  3. hi, mr. Prasad i m curently using windows phone which is Nokia Lumia 720 and i love windows phone, i don't want to go for android, now i want to go for new windows phone , but there is no new Lumia phones Launched in the market, Could you plz tell me any release date of microsoft windows phone in India, Thank you.

  4. Le 1s is awesome..thanks for good review ..and yes battery backup is great with fast charging

  5. m using redmi note 3after using 2 months battery is likes same as redmi 1s battery remain 5-6 hr after full charge
    & wifi signals sucks
    Phone hangs

  6. you are a fool
    Redmi note 3 has everything better a72 cores man and 53

    letv has all a 53 cores
    and UI MIUI is the best ui you can get check the net you fool

  7. decided to unsubscribe after watching this video the reason is there are a lot of things redmi note 3 has to offer such as ir blaster 4k recording and yes a 3.5 mm Jack letv doesn't even come with a 3.5 mm Jack and that's a bummer but u favoured more letv so yeah that's my thoughts video was kinda biased.

  8. hi..friends….
    I am confuse to get the decision. ..please help me..
    should I buy le eco le 2….??????

  9. despite comparing 32gb phone with a 16gb how can you say that Le TV is a winner? Also camera quality of Le TV is not at all convincing than the note 3. note 3 is a clear winner here. I guess Le TV has paid you to praise their product. Be practical dude

  10. have u buyed them? or just got from someone for review….or any sponser provided u?thnx in advance

  11. Please Do not buy this phone its a humble request to all Thinking of buying this phone , i have bought this phone the camera quality is worst and within 15 days the phone has incurred many issues of not responding and the phone is totally gone also fingerprint scanner doesn't work also the speakers do not work, so please if you don't want to regret don't buy this phone. Please go for other another one.

  12. heating issue and battery doesnt last for a day I am using the phone current so shared

  13. thanks for comparison. i want to knw abt audio.quality of.mp3 player of redmi. also i m.thinking to buy micromax canvas 6 once it will be released in.india . can u comment on it?

  14. Hey you could use gamebench app to check live FPS of the games you review. That would be better for us to watch yeah? Please use that from now on?

  15. you must compare with 32 gb variant of redmi note 3.
    32 gb variant is somewhat better than the 16 gb variant

  16. which is the best in this both phone plz say to me letv or redmi note 3 plz tell which is best I hve to buy one of it

  17. maine xiaomi ki sale se note 3 lia h
    uska charging wire ka second end phone se connect krne k baad thoda sa hilta h
    kya ye normal h ya muje peice replace krana chaiye??


  18. why are u comparing phones with diff ram statistics..?? It must be 3gb vs 3gb

  19. very unprofessional and unorganized way of comparing. Didn't spoke much about battery life, didn't compare speaker quality. You think these factors doesn't matter in day to day life.

  20. Why don't you compare a 3 GB ram model of Redmi note 3. 1 Gig of ram makes a lot of difference in day to day performance.

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