Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 vs. LG G3

If you wanted to know how the 2016 Xiaomi mid-range phone, the Redmi Note 3, compares to a 2014 LG flagship phone, the LG G3, this is the video you’re looking for. I go in-depth comparing these two phones in terms of design, display, performance, RAM management, camera quality, software differences, battery life, and the overall value for money proposition.


  1. to compare the contrast you should place the same pictures on both and with the same luminance…so – everyone could see and make his mind

  2. I owned the Xiaomi for a bit. great phone but wasn't a big fan on the interface. Plus I noticed 4g seemed to switch to 3g even though 4g was strong in the area.

    Bought the G3 & I'm so satisfied. Signal is consistent, love the interface & performance of Marshmallow. Battery not a huge fan of but I bought another battery as spare so love the removeable back. Overall both phones are great and comes down to your personal preferences

  3. according to the previous comentator, and this is my thought too, your speaking is not quite good for understanding, i haven`t heard more than 70% of your words.

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