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  1. Great video.

    Title of the song he first play :
    Kana Wakareno – Kuuki Izu/Air Chair

  2. How's the camera compare to each other? Please reply brother

  3. i subscribed because he has an anime table and anime background music.. 🙂

  4. Redmi note 4x vs Zuk z2 i am a heavy gamer, social media, movies and camera user. Which one should i buy?

  5. Theres an option in MIUI that you need to turn off so that if wont kill running apps right?

  6. salam brother, may i know what is the title of the background song. im really2 loving it. very beautiful music. regards from Malaysia brother !

  7. +TechUtopia Zemo da li je vrijedan para Asus Zenfon ? Trenutna cijena mu je oko 350 km u bosni. Ne igram igrice samo zvanje poruke viber i slicno, kamera ponekad nista pretjerano. Htio bi neke smjernice za te kineske'' lowbudget telefone'' (lowbudget u bosni xaxaxa). Hvala u naprijed . LP

  8. You need to start putting music names/ credits on your videos PLEAAAAASSSE. YOU have a very good music taste

  9. salam,please which is the best asus zenfone 3,xiaomi redmi 4 prime,samsung galaxy a5 2017,in better perfromance for multitasking and gaming perfromance for high graphics setting,plase reply me,i need your opinion,thanks before,salam

  10. Which is best for my daily use and that has fluidity, fast, good camera, autonomy: Le max 2, Vernee Apollo, Redmi 4 prime, Zuk z2, Redmi note 4x or Leeco cool 1?

  11. Al salam aleikum brother
    I was thinking about buying a umi plus e, i need a powerful phone with a limited budget but after watching all of your videos i am not really sure about umi in general anymore.
    Would you recommend me getting it? Otherwise what phone is in that sort of budget which would be a better option?

  12. Phones like the Note 4x really show us how overpriced brand name phones are. This Asus phone is marginally better, but almost the same in every respect, it costs twice as much. That is absurd. If the Asus cost 250 then I'd say OK. People are paying a 100 dollar more for the name.

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