Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 6 pro Introduction,18:9 Aspect ratio,98% Screen to Body ratio,Xiaomi Flagship 2018

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We must admit that we were not that impressed with the recently launched Mi 6 ,not just because of the smaller display size but for us the design was simply not inspiring enough, considering what they have done in the past with the Mi Mix. Though the back pannel deaign was great ,We really don’t appreciate that huge bezels on the front ,while most other brands are implementing design to reduce it. But we haven’t given up on tham yet…


  1. Please like and share this video..
    And suggest me some design and name for my next concept… Thanks for watching….

    #And this is just a concept real phone can be differant

  2. Kenarında sıfır çerçeve varsa yani videodaki gibi o zaman alırım

  3. trust me,
    Snapdragon 845 chipset series is not for redmi series, thats just for Mi series
    i think it Will be Snapdragon 710 chipset series. just I Think

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