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Questions & Timestamps

00:55 Rooting makes your phone better?
03:09 Sporting a bareback phone vs putting it inside a protective case
06:18 Most memorable experience when shooting…


  1. Hi Ash, Vanakkam, I feel little disappointed, When i play 4k video from youtube , the screen translation is not smooth. It is not the internet speed i have cherrinet giving 70 mbps but i feel the RAM is not supported enough to give free flow of 4k frames . Do i need to download new youtube apk file or can go for product replacement. Pls advice

  2. Lol i still have a micromax canvas hd a116 😅😅 which is in nougat rom. Rooted xposed installed and custom everything😂😅 my first 1.2 ghz quad core 1 gb ram……oh wait i still have working lumia 610 with 8 gb internal and 256 gb ram yet its damn smooth ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Need a full comparison between of Redmi Note 5 Pro-6GB RAM with Redmi Note 5- 6GB RAM(CHINA)… Sooner the better.

  4. Awesome work guys. Can you do an ash answers daily??😅😅 It takes an hour for me to reach office by a cab. Anyday, I would love watching Ash Answers over anything on YouTube in this time. Great work and ash answers are one of my favorites on YouTube. Cheers✌️✌️

  5. Come on Essential's notch is different from iPhone's and all the new phones have notch's similar to iPhone's.

  6. Ash in regards to your cell phone camera statement seems to refer to in a basic point in shoot situation in terms of an everyday moment the photo looks great for that moment. Is it professional quality no and I think in a nutshell its in reference to a point and shoot moment…that is how I understand it when you mention pic quality in an unboxing

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