Battery comparison test of Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium vs iPhone X vs OnePlus 6 vs Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Redmi 6 Pro.
In the charging test, I will let them turned on. Because iPhone X will automatically boot after get 1% battery, and OnePlus 6 have fast charging function only when power on.
In the battery drain test, I will test their battery consumption rate when playing video, playing games, playing music, recording video and do the Antutu benchmark.

Is there any mobile…


  1. Imagine for iphone X's battery to reach 1000 cycles you need to charge it 202 000 minutes. That's 3366 hours or 140 days just for charging LOL.
    For oneplus 6 same calculation is 86 000 minutes, 1433 hours or 60 days.
    If we do not take battery degradation into account.

    You firstly are wasting your time to get money for ridicilously priced phone and then waste even more time to just charge it 😀

  2. SONY is 4k display = extra power use any brands is 2 k display = lo power use. So its sony winer always xperia and and any sony products its very good

  3. Were those new phones?? Or were some more used than others???

  4. im xz2 user but i admit oneplus is better for performance, not in multimedia experience compare to xz2

  5. it is a fucking advertisment about this shit fuck me 6 pro 😒😒

  6. Bro if u put Oppo f9 pro at there then it will be get more please next time do a Oppo f9 pro charging test with other fast charging devices..

  7. Redmi 6 pro have sn625 – other phones have to sn845 processor (excluding iphone x) . Lets see antutu scores of all phones ?

  8. Probably sony 3840 x 2160 screen kills the battery. I belive it is Worth it 😉 It have dobble ppi then the damn Redmi 6 Pro 🙂 Believe me you can se the differance ^^

  9. So like.. the iPhone Xs Max probably takes almost 4 hours to charge on the included charger right ? That's just ridiculous..

  10. Next time also include Moto Device. I am sure it will lead and more importantly, moto device battery drainage time is also slow

  11. Yo cargo mi iPhone con el cargador del Xperia de mi padre y carga muchísimo más rápido que con el de la caja 5W

  12. Samsung overrated piece of garbage just like its moronic fanboys. LOL

  13. I dont know how u charge those phones but my XZP charges from 0 to 100% in 40 min

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