Your negative and positive reactions to the recent Apple event.
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  1. Hi, I love your channel. I hope you read this comment, cause I'm interested in what you think about this given that you're such a hardcore Apple fan: What are your thoughts on the " Liquid Retina" LCD display of the XR, Is it just a marketing term or is there a specific technology behind it. Because so far it's sounds to me like it's just a marketing term, not that there's something wrong with that, but I can't find anywhere a decent explanation of what it is.

  2. I wish apple made smart glasses — I believe they’re working on it right now. Second, I will never upgrade to a notched phone, so I wish and hope they release a truly all-screen phone with the camera embedded in the display in the next 2-3 years.

  3. The product I wish Apple would make: consistently affordable smartphones.

    But that is starting to be the concern for all major smartphone companies.

  4. I’m also excited about the gigabit LTE upgrade. I do use my phone as a hotspot for my iPad when I don’t trust free public WiFi. Having faster speeds will be nice! Also going from a 7+ to an X$ Max, so it will be a nice upgrade.

  5. ok so I don't know if I will be inline with the other comments or on my own with this. I was very very disappointed with the event announcements. So I will start with what I liked, being since it is the shortest… I do like the iOS 12 and did the update. I also like the new series 4 watch, mainly for the ECG function, however I will not be purchasing it. Finally I like the new A12 chipset. That is it, not happy about anything else. So for starters I think a lot of us expected the AirPods 2.0 and the wireless pad, huge letdown. Nice to know I wasn't the only one who caught the intro video and her non touching hey Siri haha. I actually noticed right away and was super excited because I just knew they were about to make me happy, nope, wishful thinking… On to the rest of the dislikes. I'm actually more p1ss3d than anything about the phones. I just upgraded my phone at the beginning of the year to the iPhone X, and now they release 3 new iPhones and don't even make the X (original) anymore….I mean seriously, our phone is outdated in less than a year or right at a year. So now if I want the faster chipset, I have to spend another $1000. Unfortunately I live off retired military pay, which isn't a lot, and spending $1000 on a phone is a huge deal for me, so looks like I will be stuck with this original X for a few years at least haha. Ok, what is with these ridiculous new names. Completely off trend for Apple. Seriously, X s MAX. Should have just named it XsTUPID. I like the fact I can go back to a "plus" size if I want, but I have to agree with you, once you get used to the X (original) then it will be hard to go back the larger phone. Plus my pockets thank me for getting rid of the Plus haha. So now I am left wondering, with the AirPods 2.0 come out before xmas maybe because they had some issues with the 2.0's and didn't have it fixed for this recent release event, or will it be later on next year. I am a little surprised nothing was mentioned about a new iPad Pro or a new Pencil with wireless charging capability. Guess I will be happy with my outdated iPhone X and Ankor wireless charging stand haha.

  6. I ordered 2 Xs Max ( personal & business) plus series 4 LTE sep 21 delivery date 🙂

  7. But we got a complete redesign last year!!! Why would we get another one this year?? Apple does internal updates like this after a huge redesign… and they cake up with the R which is a good thing.
    I think people need to take themselves a lot less seriously and appreciate what they see… if you don’t like it, don’t be so damn rude!

  8. I don't understand how the new iPhones w/ a 6.5" OLED screen is the same price as a 55" OLED TV and also cost the same as a Mac book pro. I see how they became a Trillion $ company lol sheesh I'm so irritated that I'm about to buy the MAX. The monthly payments doesn't mean you're not paying $1200 at the end of the payments lol DAMMIT

  9. Its really crazy how apple keeps giving us bread crumbs every year and ppl just hope for more crumbs the year after. Even after knowing that apple is trailing in phone features compared to all other mobile phone companies. I'm still going to buy it but it really grinds my gears lol

  10. Xr is the iPhone I've been eying for man. It might be the top selling 1 amongst the 3 iPhones released.

  11. I think that a new product idea would be to integrate the Apple TV with (the now discontinued) Apple Router. 2 products in one, resurrects the router, If you have multiple Apple TV's then better wifi in your house. Would be awesome

  12. It’s an S upgrade year, has been happening since 08-09.

    The Max and 6.5 inch is what I’m excited about

  13. I might get the XS Max because it’s $17.50 a month for me at T-Mobile but it’s so expensive

  14. I was like dang….I’ve got to get a part time job😱 just to afford a new iPhone. Prices are getting crazy…

  15. I wish Apple made iPad Pro with the power of the iMac Pro. I also wish it will be portless, with Qi and speakers that will blow the JBL boom box away!

  16. I wish Apple made their own internet service provider or cellular service, like T-mobile or Verizon.

  17. +DailyTekk

    What product(s) I wish made this time around?

    (1) Ok, so the iPhone Xs Max starts at $1049 ??? Why not actually make it gold-infused/plated ? Essential has been putting in titanium frames. Why not Apple?

    (2) 128 GB and 500+ ppi on iPhone Xr … the LG G7 ThinQ has the same IPS LCD display but w/ 564 ppi (1440 x 3120) screen and priced the same for $749 … C'mon 64 GB is not enough these days with all the photos, music and videos we cram on our devices.

    (3) Start 128 GB option for the iPhone Xs Max priced at $999. (128/256/512)

    (4) Leave the 64 GB option for iPhone Xs model priced at $799. (64/128/256)

    I've been really disappointed with Apple the past 5 years by price-cheating loyal fans; that's why I've moved to Android.

  18. I just wish Apple would stop it with the games of “new” stuff that either takes forever to get out…and then doesn’t work or is still not out. Just release the stuff already or stop teasing us with it. Jerks.

  19. Nice video😊👍.I Will buy iPhone 10S Max and Apple Watch Series 4 (44 mm).
    I think it was a good keynote .Love your videos. Have a great day🙂. Cheers from Denmark

  20. Apple needs to make actual televisions with their display technology. I mean it wouldn’t be called Retina display because Retina display is built for close eyesight like iPhones and iPads. Give the display tech a cool in Jony Ive voice name.

    Oh and they need to have the television with TVOS built in. if Apple takes over the smart tv department that would be so many pixels crazy!

  21. I want apple to remake their wireless routers, and maybe a new Macbook Air (13 inch macbook with retina display that is not a macbook pro but at an affordable price)

  22. I think that the Xr price makes sense.

    Let me explain. I think that a lot of people incorrectly called the Xr a budget smart phone. which it's not… Hell, it's not even a budget iPhone in general. What it is, is a budget iPhone X. Because I know how tech Youtube works, all the reviewers are gonna be all like, "720p in 2018? SCAM!!!!," and all their viewers are going to start parroting them without even thinking, like they always do. But the thing is, I think they are missing the point of the Xr. The Xr is for people who want the iPhone X experience, but don't want to pay $1000+. The two most expensive things on the iPhone X are the display and face id. So, because Apple wanted to make they experience as authentic as possible they kept face id and cut back on the display to keep the price down. Finally if having a 1080p display is so important to you, get the 8+ now starting at $699.

  23. I am going to start putting $100 back a week so I can buy the bigger phone out right.

  24. I’m willing to pay $1000 if iPhone XS come with 128gb base model and n fast charger included😬

  25. The same old Apple hater cultists are of course going to answer negatively. You knew that going in. I purchased the Xs Max. I want the larger phone primarily. I absolutely love the X experience, and the larger screen will only make the phone pretty much perfect for me.

    What Apple has done with the iPhone is the same thing they've done with the Mac. The hardware is not the iPhone. iOS is the iPhone the same as with the Mac, the hardware isn't the Macintosh. What makes a Macintosh a Macintosh is macOS. This is what we stick with. Also once you're into this echo system, it's not hard to leave, you just don't want to. This morning I couldn't find my phone. I said to my MacBook Pro, "Hey Siri, where's my phone?" Siri responded, "It's nearby, pinging your phone." It pinged and it was under my dog.

    As far as I'm concerned, nothing competes with the iPhone. Apple makes the BMW or Mercedes of Tech, and there are foreign versions of the same thing that are very good, they just aren't BMW or Mercedes.

    Nonetheless, Apple will continue to milk us until the first time iPhones take a significant drop. THEN you will see the shit they're sitting on. Until then, they will spoon feed us upgrades a bit at a time.

  26. People always are disappointed with the new iphones. The say the iPhone X was basically a design change, and this year was just an introduction to the Max. Honestly just because the new iphone doesn’t blow you away doesn’t mean its not worth it.

  27. U had it right in the voice $650 was the standard price for iPhones for a while not $550

  28. Don't mind about the incremental upgrades of the phones, but I think for the prices storage should start at 128gb not 64gb. $1000 for the XS with only 64gb is ridiculous.

  29. I Agree That There Are Minimal Differences Between The X and The Xs But It IS an S Upgrade. Some People Said " WeLl In tHe paST thEy uSEd tO chAnGE More, Like tHe CAMerA In thE 7". Well Yes the 7 Plus had Dual Cameras unlike the 7 But Now Apple Brought it to Both. So Since They Added A Feature To The Smaller Phone That They Didn't Have Before, It's Suddenly Bad Because There Isn't Enough Of A Difference?

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